Blog Post #7

Liwonde National Park provided the chance for some great team bonding, sharing various stories and experiences. The team split into two groups (boys and girls), both of which would do a jeep safari and a boat safari. The girls kicked off the day early, leaving for... read more

Blog Entry #6

The first week of Sport Malawi 2016 really has been quite the experience, with everyone settling in nicely here at Falls Baptist, our base for the next few weeks. However, for two of our team members it wasn’t such a happy arrival in Lilongwe. Unfortunately our... read more

Blog entry #5

24th June 2015   Its week 2, day 3, which means we are mid way through our coaching workshop.   Today started off with our usual routine of alarms ringing at 6.30am to get ready for morning workout (which we inevitably snoozed until quarter too). This... read more

blog entry #4

Wednesday 17th June 2015 After a quick post workout shower, the team hurried together to the hall for another coaching workshop! Today’s aim was to explore the tools needed for ‘reflection’. In our workshops we try and use games and activities as often as possible in... read more

blog entry #3

Final days of Week 1 Workshop Nobody anticipated the emotional rollercoaster of this morning’s workshop. Starting quite jollily, we devised a game to illustrate the ‘attack and defence’ of an objective, this objective being the ability to critically/deeply reflect on... read more

blog entry #2

The Workshops have Commenced Monday began with a slight difference in opinion. The girls decided to do the crazy thing and wake up at 6:30am to do a morning workout whereas the boys chose the lucrative option (after the previous days exploits) of getting few more... read more

Test Post

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Obviously our internet access is very limited so you may not here from them individually for a few days.

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