Kennedy Mbale

Kennedy first attended the Sport Malawi workshops in 2009 whilst still playing professional football in the Malawian Super League. After taking Part in a Sport Coaching Level 1 Course over the duration of a week, covering topics ranging from coaching styles and player focus, he made the decision to stop playing professional football to take up a coaching position within a local football club. Since then Kennedy has been ever present at the Sport Coaching workshops and has brought an invaluable insight into the professional side of football coaching with Malawi. Kennedy’s journey has challenged his very coaching philosophy and his focus on concepts of performance and participation. A result of this personal development has seen Kennedy set up his own football academy that works with a variety of age groups ranging from 10 yrs to adults. An important focus of the academy is that it promotes an inclusive approach to coaching, whether this is gender, disability or ethnic equality. Kennedy attributes this inclusivity and approach to coaching on the conversations he has had on the Sports Coaching program and is striving to become one of the first Sport Malawi Sports Coaching Tutor trainers within the coming years.

Kennedy can boast a 200 player attendance across the club, all of whom want to enjoy the fruits football has to offer

Clara Luhanga

Clara first come to Sport Malawi in 2011 and began attending the Sport education workshops in the hope she could gain a better insight into the teaching of physical education, something not taught on the Malawian National Curriculum. After her experience in the Sport Education setting Clara’s passion for sport and sport coaching emerged and since then she has attended every Sport Malawi Sport Coaching program over the last 3 years. Her passion for Sports Coaching was ignited by a general interest in athlete development but more specifically a focus on the ability of sport to empower and enhance the self-esteem girls and young women especially within a male dominated culture. Clara is still a primary school teacher but she also balances these commitments against her coaching and running of a girl’s football academy in Mzuzu. She runs coaching sessions accompanied by her male and female interns for ages 8 years to 18 years and currently has a senior squad competing in the Malawian National Football Championships. This learning environment is working on a variety of levels and putting concepts such as mentoring, ownership and dialogue in to practice for these young women. The transformation within Clara represents the transformation taking place in all the young, now more confident and empowered women involved in the project.

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