How are we feeling?

It is Thursday the 6th of June. One day before taking off to Malawi.

These past few months were full of wonders, discoveries and pressure however also excitement to go on to this wonderful adventure.
We would like to thank all the people that helped us raising all the funds. We had fun organising all those fundraisings events and we did not expect to have that many students turning up!

Our focus now is finishing our suitcases, checking hundred and hundred of times if the passport is in our purse (everyone knows that feeling: you know it is there but you check again and again) and wait to arrive at the airport! Tomorrow will be a big day: sorting out the rest of the kit, driving to Heathrow and flying  through the sky.
Some have already travelled alone, for others it is the first time away and we all have different stories, but we are all looking forward to share this new one together.
As we will be working and living with Malawians while discouvering Lilongwe, we won’t be able to communicate as much however we will try to post as many moments as we can to share this experience with you and we will make sure when we come back to give all the details of this incredible project.

See you very soon !