Sport Malawi is back !

Some of you might know us and some others might just be “who are those people ?”. Let me give you an update on who we are and what we do.

Sport Malawi is a not-for-profit association and centred upon a partnership between the University of Gloucestershire and significant agencies within sport, education and development in Malawi, South East Africa.
Our mission is to deliver workshops and PE sessions to coaches, teachers and church leaders. We want to provide participants with useful and tangible knowledge, so they can reach and educate the population on several issues such as gender equality, poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

So here we are meeting, talking and getting ready for some fun and enjoyable fundraisings events to help us finance our expedition.

Through the next few months you will be able to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see how the mission is moving forward. You will also soon meet the members … get ready !

Feel free to give us a little help by donating anything on this page :

And if you are in the Oxstalls Campus, you should see us soon in the corridors or outside. Just come to us, have a little chat and discover what we are going to do !

See you soon !